Food and Beverage Bible
Written with my Hotel and Resort Work experience in 11 different countries
1.Food Cost.

2.Beverage Cost.


4.Department Budgets?

5.Inventory Control?

6.Increase Food & Beverage Sales through different Pomotions.

7. Food & Beverage Staffing issues.

8. What Wines to have on wine list?

9. What Drinks to have on Drinks Menu and Modern Cocktail trends?

10. Popular Food items on the Menu from all over the World.

11. Christmas and New Year Packages.

12. Sponsorships in Food & Beverage.

13. Profit and Loss Report.

14. Reports in Food & Beverage.

15. Training plan and Training list in Food & Beverage.

16. Operating Supplies & Equipment (OS&E) Standard Cutlery,    Crockery and Glassware to be used in Food & Beverage.

17. Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment (FF&E) to be used in Food & Beverage.

18. Sales & Marketing in Food & Beverage Department.

19. Food & Beverage Controls.

20. Standard Operating Procedures.

21. Capital Equipment in Food & Beverage.

22. Events for Promoting Food & Beverage.

23. Different types of Restaurants & Bars.

24. Food & Beverage in Opening hotels?

25. How to set up & plan Restaurants, Bars,Room Service & Banquets & Conference Department?

26. Par Stocks.

28.  Modern Technology in Food & Beverage.

29. Food & Beverage Operations in Resorts.

30. Forms and Formats used in Food & Beverage.

31. Job Descriptions of different staff in Food & Beverage.

32. Food & Beverage Billing & Point of Sale devices.

38. How to open your own Restaurant and Bar?

39. How to start a Food & Beverage Outlet with less money?

40. How to get Food & Beverage Equipment freely when you start a Food & Beverage Business?

41. How to do Weddings & Wedding Packages?

42. Purchasing in Food & Beverage Department?

43. What Training to conduct in Food & Beverage Department?

44. Famous Cocktails in the World?

45. Food & Beverage Checklists?

46. Food & Beverage Task Sheets?

47.What to do as a Food & Beverage Manager, Restaurant Manager, Bar Manager, Room Service Manager & Banquets & Conference Manager?

48. Wine, Spirits, Beer, Food & Cigar Knowledge?

49. Brands of different Wines and Spirits?

50. Cocktail Recipes?

51. Pronounciation guide to Food & Drinks?

52. Wine tasting and Wine and Food Pairing?

53. Storage and Service of Beverages?

54. Stores and Stores Control?

55. Food & Beverage Controls?

56. Handling of Guest Complaints?

57.Food & Beverage Business Plan?

58. Swot analysis

59. Brand Standards

60. Promotion Matrix

61. Food Reconciliation

62. Beverage Reconciliation

63. Flash cost report

64. Food & Beverage Business Plan

65. Food & Beverage Marketing Plan

66. Food & Beverage Market lists.

Ready to use Standard operating Procedures, Task Sheets, Checklists, Forms, Reports, Training Plan and Training Manuels add to the aspects of this book.

Santosh Choudhary
Copyright Food and Beverage Bible 2008 - 2010 , All Rights Reserved
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